28.10.2022 @ 19.45 – 30.10.2022 @ 12.00
VS 51 Auhofschule
Aubrunnerweg 43
30 EUR
Seminar with Jean-Pierre Labru
7. Dan kyoshi and EKF Technical Director

28. – 30. October 2022


We are happy to welcome Jean-Pierre Labru in Linz!

Jean-Pierre Labru started Kendo when he was 7 years old and became member of the French team at 22.

He won the title of French Champion five times, and during his 14 years in the French National Team, he made eight times Euopean Champion in the teams competition. He won two Fighting Spirit Awards in the World Kendo Championships and also acted as a referee for WKC.

Since 2018, he is Technical Director of the European Kendo Federation.

Level: All levels are welcome. The exercises will be adapted according to the participants.

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