Seminar is for all iaido trainees with basic knowledge of Seitei Iai and are members of ČFK or national organizations within EKF.

Seminar is meant mainly as preparation for grading. Attendees must wear japanese training clothing – keikogi and hakama, beginners can attend in appropriate sports clothing covering whole legs and arms. Only traditionaly made japanese nihonto or practice sword iaito is allowed, beginners are allowed to use bokuto (bokken). Sword has to be undamaged. It is not allowed to practice with imiation swords or decorative swords. Organizer reserves the right to deny entry to people with inappropriate clothing, equipment or with behavior violating etiquete or safety rules for iaido practice.

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Malá tělocvična ZŠ Meteorologická

Meteorologická 181/2, Praha 4 – Libuš, 14200

Ogino Sensei in Czech Republic

Ogino Sensei in Czech Republic

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